Timothy Daly

Playwright and International Script Consultant

Timothy Daly

Cate Blanchett in rehearsal with award winning playwright Timothy Daly

Ever dreamed of writing a play that opened in Paris?

I have, and I did it!

Ever dreamed of writing a play that would become one of the most internationally-produced plays of all time? It happened to me. It could happen to you, too.

Ever dreamed of writing a radio play that’s been produced in six countries? I have. I did it!

I am a working playwright, dramaturge and writing teacher and advise on over 100 scripts and productions a year.

I learned my skills the hard way—by trial and error, by success and failure, and because of this lifetime of experiences of theatre in many countries, I can save you time, effort and heartache when developing your film, theatre and radio scripts for the global market.

On this website you will find all you need to know about me, my plays, international productions of my plays as well as a how to section about gaining the skills you will need to write scripts for the international market place.

My blog contains a number of free articles on thetechnical aspects of play writing.

There is also a book shop where you can buy my plays, audio books and vital information on what genres are selling in specific markets.