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Kafka Dances

The most internationally-performed Australian play of all time, with thousands of performances all over the world.
“Ecstatic!” Tempo, Paris.
The amazing, sad, funny, bizarre story of Franz Kafka’s attempts to marry the same woman—twice.
A tragi-comedy for 5 actors (2 male, 3 female).

Kafka Dances (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Kafka Dances (PDF)
Price: $1.99


Richard III (or Almost)

World-première at the prestigious Festival of Avignon, France.
Two men are locked in a room, and forced by mysterious authorities to play and replay sections of Richard III. It’s a game, but it’s a deadly game, and their lives may well be at stake.
A tragi-comedy for 2 actors (2 male).

Richard III (or Almost) (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Richard III (or Almost) (PDF)
Price: $1.99


Derrida In Love

Professor Jacques Xavier, a worshipper of Jacques Derrida, has his life thrown into turmoil when a mysterious woman arrives, claiming to have Derrida’s last manuscript with her.
A joyous, mad comedy.
“The laughs are fast and furious… A delightful comedy of scholastic and sexual politics.” Sydney Observer.
A comedy for 5 actors (2 male, 3 female).

Derrida In Love (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Derrida In Love (PDF)
Price: $1.99


The Man in the Attic

Based on the amazing true story of a Jew who was hidden by a German couple in their attic, and then not told that World War II was over! So he stayed on in their house, month after month…
Winner in 2008, of the Patrick White Award for Best Australian play. World première in Paris, France, in 2011.
A play for 4 actors (2 male, 2 female).

The Man in the Attic (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

The Man in the Attic (PDF)
Price: $1.99


14 Lessons for a Wolfboy

A young man has a mysterious accident which leaves him in a coma. The only witness is a strange, near-autistic young man who appears to know much more than he’s letting on. A determined mother sets out to find out the truth behind her son’s accident.
A metaphysical thriller, just completed!
A play for 4 actors (3 male, 1 female).

14 Lessons for a Wolfboy (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

14 Lessons for a Wolfboy (PDF)
Price: $1.99


The Moonwalker

The Moonwalkers a slightly surreal comedy about love, electricity and spontaneous human combustion.
A play for 4 actors (2 male, 2 female).

The Moonwalker (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

The Moonwalker (PDF)
Price: $1.99



Harold is married to Ruth, and earns his living as an unhappy piano teacher in the suburbs. One day, in the middle of a furious argument, Ruth drops dead, and Harold, shocked by his guilt at ‘killing’ his wife with unkind words, sinks into depression. He’s rescued from this depression by Moya Rosenthal, a feisty Jewish woman determined to learn piano regardless of her lack of talent. Not only that, but she convinces Harold to follow his youthful dream of emulating the explorer David Livingstone’s search for the source of the Nile. Together, the two of them go on a journey of self-discovery and shared enthusiasm that ends in a great healing and love for both of them.

Livingstone (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Livingstone (PDF)
Price: $1.99


The Private Visions of Gottfried Kellner

A woman is behind held hostage in a basement, by a man who claims to be working for a foreign bank. The story, told in flashback, reveals a crime involving Nazi gold, Swiss banks, computer crime and betrayal. And above all, guilt.

“A terrific thriller” Sydney Morning Herald.

A play for 5 actors (3 male, 2 female).

The Private Visions of Gottfried Kellner (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

The Private Visions of Gottfried Kellner (PDF)
Price: $1.99



TOUR GUIDE: Welcome to Beach. Your beach. My beach. Everyone’s beach. Where the sun always shines, in an endless, airy summer. Utopia-on-Sea. The place all of us head for. To get away from things. Or find them—even when they shouldn’t. But who am I to say that? It’s tough world out there… As some of them are about to find out.

So begins Australia’s largest-cast play ever produced. Commissioned by Australia’s premiere actor training institute, NIDA (The National Institute of Dramatic Art), Beach: A Theatrical Fantasia was a huge success for NIDA when it premiered. The play tells the story of a day in the life of an Australian beach. From sun-up to sun-down, the people who made Australia what she is arrive for a day at the beach. The ghosts come to life. The dead come back to confront the living.

TOUR GUIDE : It’s getting late. For some of these folk, it’s way too late. But they come here anyway. ‘Cause the churches are empty; the shopping malls are too full. So they come here. To the last of the sacred spots. They all come here.

For a cast of at least 25, with over 140 roles.
Suitable for acting schools.

Beaches (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Beaches (PDF)
Price: $1.99



A play for 5 actors. (3 male, 2 female). The true story of the great British conductor, Eugene Goossens, whose career and life were ruined when he was arrested by authorities after traveling from Britain to Sydney, Australia—with a suitcase filled with pornography.

Complicity (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Complicity (PDF)
Price: $1.99



A comedy for 3 actors. (2 male, 1 female) Two therapists, a husband-and-wife team, try and cure a patient of his happiness… only to both end up falling in love with him.

Shrinks (HardCopy)
Price: $20.00

Shrinks (PDF)
Price: $1.99